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We walk the walk, and talk the talk.
Our number one priority is the most important and expensive tool on the jobsite.... THE EMPLOYEES.
At Travelers Alliance Group, safety always comes first.
Our "Safety first" program is comprehensive:
  Continuous training
  Job site inspections
  On site “tool box” talks
  Random on site substance screenings
  Issuance of PPE (personal protection equipment)

In this way, Travelers Alliance Group strives to provide the absolute safest work environment for everyone on the job. As a “condition of continued employment”, all Travelers Alliance Group workers are required to complete an OSHA 10 hour training course.

Our labor consultants are required to complete an OSHA 30 hour training course. This allows them to be an extra pair of eyes and ears on jobsites to help increase safety awareness.

Participate in the Travelers Alliance Group "Safety First" program. It offers:
  OSHA 10 and 30 hour training for your employees
  Job site and project safety evaluations
  Job site and facility safety audits
  Travelers Alliance Group on site “Tool Box” talks for your workers
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